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High Temperature Applications
• High Temperature Applications (upto 18000c)
• Corrosive Applications
• Highly Abrasive Applications
Classification Product Application Application Area Industries
High Temperature Resistant Products Thermocouple Protection Tube (One end closed) Thermocouples Temperature measurement/ Process control Aluminium, Steel Chemical, Petrochemical
Tubes(Both ends open) Heating Element Support Heating Devices/Tubular Furnaces Aluminium, Steel Chemical, Petrochemical
Beads (Sleeves) Single & Multiple bore RTD/Thermocouples Temp. Measurement / Process Control Plastics/Chemicals process plants
Wear Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Products Bushes, Nozzles, Rods, Sleeves Pumps, Seals, pump Shafts etc. Acid Pump/ Mechanical Seals Chemical, Fertilizer Industries, Petrochemical
Ferrules Boiler tube protection Waste Heat Boilers, etc. Fertilizers, Petrochemicals
Products for Laboratory Application Crucibles, Combustion Boats, Combustion Tubes Chemical Analysis by combustion route Analytical Laboratories Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratories
Exceptional thermal Shock Resistant Products Crucible, Tubes for Induction Heating Equipment Billet Heating Billet Heating induction furnaces Automotive Ancillaries, Forging Industries
  PT/ PT/RH 10%/13% (6%-30%)
  R Type Thermocouples
  S Type Thermocouples
  B Type Thermocouples
  Platinum Wire
  Platinum Crucible
  Platinum Shots
  All Types Of Platinum Products
  All Types Of Palladium Products
  Heavy Duty Type J/K/R/S/N
  Miniature Duty Type J/K/R/S/N
  Heavy Duty Type J/K/R/S/N
  Miniature Duty Type J/K/R/S/N
  Cartridge Heaters
  Flame proof heater
  Float Switch
  Heating Element
  High Temperature Applications
  Mineral Insulated Cables
(M.I. Cables)
  Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
  Radiant Heaters
  RTD Thermocouple
  Temperature Transmitter
  Thermocouple Connector
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