A thermowell is a structure that surrounds the thermocouple (or RTD) probe and protects it from aspects of the process such as fluid flow rates or caustic or degrading materials. Thermowells are also used to maintain the integrity of pressure boundaries in systems.

Thermowells are used to guard temperature sensors such as thermocouples, thermistors and bimetal thermometers against damage from excessive pressure, material velocity and corrosion. They also increase the longevity of the sensor, allow sensor replacement without draining the system and reduce the probability of contamination. Thermowells designed for high pressure applications are typically machined from bar stock to ensure integrity. Smaller thermowells for use in low pressure environments may be constructed from tubing with one end welded closed.

Buyers can choose between the countless options available as under:

Thermowell Grades Availability:

SS304, SS321, SS316, SS310, Inconel 800, Inconel 600, Platinum-Metal based, Tantalum.

Thermowell Types:

Drilled Bar Stock, Fabricated/Welded.

Certifications on offer:

Radiography, PMI, IBR, Others on request.

Designs availability:

Straight, Tapered, Welded, Flanged, Ceramic tube fitted Or Customized.

Thread Availability:

1/2’’ NPT, 3/4’’ NPT, 1’’ NPT Or Customized

Coatings Availability:
[For lower erosion, corrosion and resistance against wear and tear]

Tungsten Carbide, ZirconiaType, Ceramic coats Or Other customized.

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